Testing Goals

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Testing Goals

Post by ChiaRoseKuro on Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:37 pm

For anyone who's bothered looking at this forum, this is what I'm planning to do with it. Achieved goals will be struck through and goals in progress will be bolded, while goals that I haven't tackled yet will be left as they are. The main reason I'm not doing this on the original forum is because I'm afraid I'll fuck it up- because if I fuck this up, nobody's got their data saved on here. The things I do for you guys, seriously...

  1. Eliminate the horizontal scrollbar (achieved through overflow: auto on CSS)
  2. Improve on the Tabbing System using this guide
  3. Create a more personalizable tabbing system using this answer + this answer (?)
  4. Create a more personalized/streamlined theme

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